Leading IT Consultant & Government Contractor Seeks Sale
Leading IT Consultant & Government Contractor Seeks Sale

Company Overview

Founded in 1996 to serve state and local governments, the Company is a woman-owned information technology (IT) firm with over 25 years of government contracting experience. Headquartered in the Northeastern US, the Company has been certified by numerous states and national councils as a small, diverse business (SDB) and women-owned business enterprise (WBE), affording the Company a competitive advantage in the contract bidding process.

The Company has grown revenue from $8.1M in 2016 to an expected $14.2M in 2021, representing a CAGR of 11.8% over the past five years. Adjusted EBITDA has grown during that same period from under $0.4mm to $1.0m. Covid significantly impacted several of the Company’s projects in both 2020 and 2021, delaying start dates and contractual expansion opportunities, resulting in lower revenue and EBITDA growth than expected. The Company is starting to see normalization of these contracts and is expecting substantial growth in FYE 22 with revenue and EBITDA expectation of $18.0mm and $2.1mm, respectively.

The Company is a closely held business with three owners. One of the owners is close to retiring and is seeking a responsible transition of ownership. The remaining owner and the management team wish to continue with the business to support future growth. If you’d like to learn more, please sign a CA (located to the right) and return to CA@321capital.com.

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