Veteran Manufacturer of Center-Console Boats Seeking Sale
Veteran Manufacturer of Center-Console Boats Seeking Sale

Company Overview

Headquartered in the Southeastern U.S., the Company builds center-console, primarily saltwater fishing boats from a 78,000 sq. ft facility that it built and owns. The Company caters to the most avid fishermen with its offshore and tournament boats and to their families with its bay boats and extra seating models, enjoying strong market share across its key product categories. With models ranging in size from 17’ to 36’, the Company is #4 in total market share for both the 32’ and 36’ segment of the outboard engine boat category.

Since the 2008 Recession, the Company has grown revenue from $2.3M in 2009 to $15.1M in the LTM period, a CAGR of 17.6%.  The Company also reports industry-leading EBITDA margins, with adjusted LTM EBITDA of $4.5M, a margin of 31.1%, approximately double the industry EBITDA margins of 10-15%. Moreover, the Company anticipates a sold-out production schedule for 2022 from pre-orders already received, resulting in revenue expectations of $22.9M and generating over 50% growth from the LTM period.  Besides maxing out production capacity, the Company has numerous growth opportunities waiting to be capitalized upon.

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