Columbia, MD / Massillon, Ohio (February 19, 2021) – Three Twenty-One Capital Partners is pleased to announce the completion of the sale of FiberCorr Mills, LLC & FiberCorr Sheets, LLC (“FiberCorr” or “the Company”), a prominent and innovative paper mill, to Green Shield Limited, LLC, (“Green Shield”). The sale was effectuated through a Chapter 11 Section 363 process in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Ohio.

Headquartered in Massillon, Ohio and founded in 1967, FiberCorr is one of the most innovative paper mills in the US, focusing on the sustainable conversion of recovered post-consumer paper products. FiberCorr is committed to reducing its environmental impact and maximizing the potential of its unique papermaking process. The Company manufactures high-quality recycled roll stock and medium paperboard for the corrugated box industry in the US and international markets. FiberCorr operates from its 144,800 sq. ft. plant consisting of (5) buildings and located on 29 acres.

Three Twenty-One Capital Partners (“3-21”) was retained as the exclusive investment banking firm for the purpose of running a process to sell the business. 3-21’s process identified 63 interested parties, resulting in multiple bidders, including both strategic acquirers and private equity groups interested in acquiring the business. The auction was well attended and generated 55 separate bids, ultimately resulting in a court approved sale to Green Shield.

Green Shield is a leading manufacturer and supplier of paper and packaging products. Green Shield offers disposables, paper, corrugated sheets, paper board, raw material, and packaging materials for the agriculture, food, beverage, retail, healthcare, and other sectors.

FiberCorr was represented by attorney Anthony J. DeGirolamo.  Professionals from Three Twenty-One Capital Partners included Erv Terwilliger, Senior Managing Director • Erik Endler, Senior Managing Director • Ryan Oleski, Senior Vice President (Special Situations Platform) • Venice Gamble, Vice President (Special Situations Platform) • Jacob Perry, Associate • Connor Barnes, Junior Analyst

Three Twenty-One is pleased to announce our transition to Tower Partners.
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